Top 10 Best Sugar Daddy Dating Sites Reviews Free 2016

Editor’s Choice: Best Sugar Daddy Dating Website
sugar daddy and sugar is the ultimate online dating club, where sugar daddies and sugar babies could find their best websites before they seek the experienced wealthy men or aspiring women online to fuel a mutual beneficial relationship on their terms. Sugar daddies are the successful established men who know what they want in the NSA relationship (No Strings Attached). They’re driven, and enjoy attractive company by their side. Money isn’t an issue, thus they are generous when it comes to pampering the beautiful women. Sugar babies are the attractive women looking for the finer things in life.They can indulge shopping sprees, expensive dinners, and exotic travels. If you want to seek a serious relationship with wealthy men, you can try some millionaire dating sites.
Sugar daddy dating has been increasing in popularity because there are so many hot young women who are simply looking to find wealthy and older men who would help them live a luxurious life in exchange of some of the best time. Similarly, older rich men want to date gorgeous looking young women too. Find a sugar daddy or sugar baby for Me? It’s time to interact with the most Attractive, Wealthy and Desirable people in online sugar dating! Read our reviews and choose one of the top dating websites, and find your sugar daddies or sugar babies today!

#1 Sugar Daddy Meet 5 stars site

Sugar Daddy Meet


Sugar Daddy Meet is the best websites for those who are looking to opt for sugar daddy and sugar baby dating. There are multiple sites on the web and Sugar Daddy Meet is the No.1 choice. The site has been live for more than 14 years and it has nearly 60% sugar daddies and 40% sugar babies. This site comes with a plethora of different features and has helped a lot of sugar babies meet wealthy sugar daddies and live the life they have often dreamt of.

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#2 Established Men 4.5 stars sugar daddy site

established men review

No.2 Sugar Daddy Site:

Established Men is the another top and leading sites for the rich successful men and young beautiful women as well as the top sugar dating website for sugar daddies and sugar babies. It is very popular in the USA, Canada, Australia and UK.It has been featured on CNN, USA Today, Fox News, ESPN and Sports Illustrated. It has millions of young ladies and established and wealthy men as members. The overall response for the site has been fairly positive because one can really find a lot of great beautiful ladies on the site. This site has a larger proportion of ladies as compared to men because membership is free for the ladies, but men need to go for paid membership to extract the benefits offered by the dating portal.
There are a lot of people who have managed to find the right dates using this portal and one can easily find various success stories as well. Those who are on the lookout for trying what sugar dating feels like can take a look at the feature list and membership plan to understand if the site seems to be as good choice.

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#3 Sugar Daddie 4 stars sugar daddy site

Sugar Daddie Review

No.3 Sugar Daddie Site:

An online dating site for sugar daddies and sugar babies, Sugar Daddie has been live since 2002. It is one of the very first sites that worked on the concept of helping wealthy singles find a suitable attractive date they could hang out with. This site has received international acclaim and has been featured in various notable portals. It is therefore regarded as one of the well known sites which have helped a lot of people meet their dates. There are a lot of wealthy millionaires and top notch models who are a part of this site and the success story is sure to impress one and all.

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#4 Seeking Arrangement 4 stars sugar daddy site

Seeking Arrangement Review

No.4 Sugar Daddy Site:

SeekingArrangement is one of the popular websites which has a client base of nearly 1.7 million users. It is mainly an American based website that was first launched back in 2005. The growth which this site has managed to see is quite exemplary and one can find plenty of different options here. Those who are looking for sugar daddy and babies are likely to find the right matches because of the extensive number of people who rely on the websites.

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Where beautiful, successful people fuel mutually beneficial relationships on terms.

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#5 Whats Your Price 5 stars sugar daddy site

whats your price review

No.5 Sugar Daddy Site:

There is a lot of sugar dating sites which one can find and What’s Your Price is a popular one among them. This is a very different site in the sense that women are actually paid for the sake of going on a date. This is one dating platform wherein the number of women is way more than men and it allows you to find a potential match and you can choose to go on a date with. Men will have to pay in order to take women on date and once the two of you connect, things can be taken to the next level.

This site has more than 650,000 members and it is packed with various features. This site was launched back in 2010 and currently stands as one of the top dating portal especially for older men who are on the lookout for hot, gorgeous women.

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#6 Sugar Daddy Today 2.5 stars sugar daddy site

sugar daddy today

No.6 Sugar Daddy Site:

Sugar Daddy Dating Site with Free Membership.

Sugar daddy is a free sugar daddy dating site where you can join and contact members for free. Sugar Daddy Today is one of the most popular websites for everyone who is on the lookout for finding a date without having to spend a great deal of money. This site became extremely popular among men who didn’t want to spend a lot of money before they have managed to find a date. It does contain a healthy amount of wealthy businessmen and single gorgeous women looking for a sugar daddy to live a luxurious life. It was launched back in 2007 and currently has more than 60,000 members. As per the site, nearly 100 members join every day.

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#7 Miss Travel 2 stars sugar daddy site

Miss Travel Review

No.7 Sugar Daddy Site:

While the main essence of this site is based upon dating, it has been seen that the aim of this site is much more diverse. Miss Travel is one of its own kinds of dating platform wherein people have the provision of seeking mutual benefits.

For sugar daddies, this site allows them to pick gorgeous divas who could tag along with them to different trips. At the same time, beautiful women looking to enjoy life and travel to some exotic places can sign up and look for sugar daddies who are willing to sponsor their trip in exchange of some great time. Further, there is also an option of show me your town wherein girls could ask a sugar daddy to bear her expenses and explore the town and also spend some quality time with each other as well.

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Never Travel Alone. The Blend Of Travel And Sugar Dating.

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#8 Sugar Daddy For Me 1.5 stars sugar daddy site

sugar daddy for me

No.8 Sugar Daddy Site:

It is perhaps one of the most popular dating sites which was launched back in 2005. It said that they have more than 4 million members and almost 2000 members are added ever day. And This makes this site hugely prolific and offers ample opportunities to people who are looking for either sugar daddies or even sugar babies. This site is popular among people and comes with various features. The prospects of finding the right date are pretty high and it has a lot of great profiles.But we don’t think that there are over 400 million real profiles of sugar daddies or sugar babies. Lots of users are not active for long time on the website. And it seems that there are few members joining the website each day. The numbers seem to look like a scam.

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#9 Sugar Sugar 1 star sugar daddy site

Sugar Sugar Review

No.9 Sugar Daddy Site:

It is a popular sugar dating site that has been online for more than 10 years. There are plenty of members on the site and it has a great number of both sugar daddies and even sugar babies. All those who are on the lookout for finding some of the most gorgeous looking diva and even hot girls looking for older men who could finance their expenses can find the best shot at sugar dating here. The tagline of the site says “where romance meets finance’ and this shows how the aim of the site is to help people find great dates in exchange of money. If you are a wealthy magnate and you are looking for the best looking babies, you can surely try your luck on this site. Similarly, there are a lot of wealthy businesses professional who can help women have a great life which they have always desired.

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Where Romance Meets Finance.

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#10 Find Rich Guys 1 star sugar daddy site

Find Rich Guys

No.10 Sugar Daddy Site:

Find Rich Guys is another dating portal which has been designed mainly to help sugar babies get wealthy businessmen who would be willing to bear their expenses and give them a rich lifestyle in exchange of hanging out and spending some great time together. It is applauded for being one of the most popular website among sugar babies because it is completely free of cost and doesn’t requires any paid membership to unlock the special or even advanced features. Simply signing up at the site is all you need to improve your chance to enjoy the best dates.

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Free Sugar Daddy Dating Site for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies.

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